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Healthcare Supply Chain: An Overview

    Posted on October 8, 2018

    Healthcare Supply Chain Management

    In celebration of National Healthcare Supply Chain Week, we are breaking down supply chain management to help your team bring back the focus to what matters most: patient care.

    To kick off the week, we’ll start with a high-level overview of supply chain in healthcare.

    Throughout the week, we will cover benefits that come with a strategic supply chain process including reduced supply costs, increased efficiencies, and high quality patient care.


    What is Healthcare Supply Chain

    In healthcare, supply chain includes procurement, inventory management, and delivering supplies to providers and patients.

    This simply means having the right supplies, at the right cost, when and where you need them.

    Having an optimal supply chain process leads to reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and a higher level of patient satisfaction.

    Sounds pretty great, right?

    When it comes to your unique healthcare facility, a competitive supply chain process is actually easier than it may seem.


    Where Should You Start

    The first step in optimizing your supply chain process is to understand the challenges involved.

    The biggest challenge in healthcare supply chain is each stakeholder has their own goals.

    • Providers want their preferred products to provide everyday care.
    • Executives want quality affordable supplies that reduce supply costs.
    • Patients want quality care that meet their unique health requirements.

    The key for effective supply chain management is to align the goals of each individual stakeholder. Supply chain success can only be achieved when your entire organization from clinical staff to board members are working toward the same outcome.


    Align Your Team Using Data

    Providing quality care using affordable quality products is possible!

    Data tied to inventory provides transparency and insight for your organization to understand supply usage and costs.

    Tracking supply consumption enables better inventory management and the ability to identify areas to reduce costs.

    Supply chain software developed specifically for the healthcare industry makes it easy to capture this data. This software automates the supply chain process, allowing your team to make both supply chain and patient care a priority.


    Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiencies, and Increase Patient Satisfaction

    Automating the supply chain process and aligning your team will save your organization time and money.

    As we continue to move to value-based care, the focus must be to provide high quality care while increasing efficiencies and lowering supply costs.

    Empower your clinical staff by providing them the tools and resources they need to spend more time with their patients. Supply chain software is designed to automate workflows and eliminate manual data entry.

    Once you have a strategic supply chain process in place, your team will have more time to spend with your patients leading to higher satisfaction rates.


    Check back tomorrow for the next installment of Hybent’s National Healthcare Supply Chain Week on how to reduce costs using supply chain software!


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