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5 Benefits of Automating Supply Chain for ASCs & Physician Practices

    Posted on June 21, 2016

    Current supply chain management procedures are needlessly labor and time intensive, and they create multiple opportunity for human error.

    “Technology has completely transformed healthcare over the past decade, but for some reason supply-chain was lagging behind,” said Hybrent CEO Ken Tighe. “Our mission has been to focus on improving efficiencies at ambulatory centers and physician offices which are the new front lines in the battle to lower the cost and improve the outcomes of medicine.”

    Here are five ways efficient supply chain management can transform your facility:

    1. Automate the Process. Automation not only saves time, it increases accuracy by cutting down human error. According to staff at Springhill Surgery Center, based in Little Rock, Ark. “As we’re recording inventory levels and pricing, using the Hybrent technology means fewer mistakes because there are fewer hands in the pie,” said administrator Pam Hooper. Visibility into the data collected throughout the process is also enhanced, and these new insights create planning and problem-solving that positively impacts profitability on the back end.
    2. Employ Case Costing. Hybrent’s Case Costing Module provides real-time costing of supplies used in a case, so the true profitability of each procedure can be revealed. The mobile application allows the circulator nurse in the OR to document supplies used on a patient by case. Additionally, the user can add items that don’t appear on the preference card, and produces automatic updates.
    3. One Button-Push Ordering. Stop visiting multiple web sites to get pricing and order. Hybrent’s Ordering Module aggregates product data from various vendors into a single portal with one sign-on. Products are searchable by name, partial name, SKU, vendors and various other criteria, and can be ordered and received through the app with one push of a button.
    4. Know Your Inventory (at every site). Hybrent’s Inventory Management System is easy to use and ties into the ordering system to update inventory when items are ordered, in stock or on back-order. Additionally, restock notifications help the user queue orders when supplies are low, and users can add and delete notes on specific items. This feature is especially important for managing multiple sites.
    5. Invoice Correctly. According to industry sources, an average of 14% of all invoices generated are inaccurate in some way, and because of antiquated materials management processes, most of those cases go undisputed. Furthermore, the average overcharge on those inaccurate invoices is 6%. With profit margins already being stretched to the limit, healthcare organizations simply can’t afford to let invoicing errors go unchecked.

    Hybrent helps outpatient facilities and physician practices improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase profitability.   To request a demonstration, click here.

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