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Hybrent Attends Becker’s and Frontier Annual Conferences

    Posted on November 4, 2016

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    From New York to Chicago, the Hybrent team had a chance to connect with healthcare peers, and discuss the critical supply chain management issues that impact the industry.

    Hybrent attended the Frontier Healthcare 2nd Annual Healthcare Conference on Oct. 28, and co-founder Navneet Gosal took part in a panel discussion about best practices of materials management, along with Manhattan Endoscopy’s director of operations Jeffrey Singerman. A recent case study detailed how the Hybrent solution addressed efficiency and ordering issues at Manhattan Endoscopy, which then trickled down to resolve logistical challenges and drive down costs.

    Additionally, the Hybrent team traveled to Chicago and exhibited at Becker’s ASC 23rd Annual Meeting; the Business Operations of ASCs, which was held Oct. 27-29. The conference featured more than 200 speakers in over 100 sessions total. There were over 1,000 attendees at the event, which focused on important business, clinical and legal issues faced daily by surgery centers.

    “As always, both Frontier Healthcare and Becker’s organized impactful and well-timed conferences,” said Tighe. “We enjoyed sharing thoughts on supply chain management, and how Hybrent can replace labor-intense, manual systems with efficient, automated solutions. Centers are striving to gain clinical and operational efficiencies; that was a consistent theme throughout both events, and echoed by everyone we talked to.”

    Click here to read Hybrent’s case study, “Common Supply Chain Issues Amplified by Real Estate Crunch” to learn how the Hybrent solution provided Manhattan Endoscopy with a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage its supply chain.

    And, download Hybrent’s white paper, “Supplying Intelligence: The Back-End (and Bottom Line) Benefits of Investing in Front-End Supply Chain Automaton,” and learn how Hybrent’s supply chain management application improves efficiency and patient care for a multi-specialty surgical and endoscopic center.

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