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Hybrent Makes Vendor Interaction Easy

    Posted on August 5, 2016

    As supply chain management can attest, surgery centers do not order products from just one vendor. “Our customers transact with multiple vendors on any given day,” said Micah McClelland, Hybrent VP of Business Development. “On average, our customers order supplies from 32 vendors per month.”

    With so many orders taking place with multiple vendors, it is critical for a surgery center’s supply chain to be streamlined. The Hybrent application was designed to be a one-stop for all vendor products and increase efficiency by providing:

    1. All vendors in one portal. Materials managers will no longer be required to take inventory by walking their facility and writing down part numbers and descriptions of products that need to be re-stocked, nor will they need to contact vendors individually and place orders via email or by visiting numerous vendor websites. With Hybrent, the Ordering Module brings together product data from various vendors into a single portal. “Only a single sign-on is required, and products are searchable by name, partial name, SKU, vendors and various other criteria, and can be ordered and received through the app quickly and easily,” said McClelland.
    2. A digital ordering process. Inventory can be ordered through a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner or an iPad. Instead of handwriting various order numbers, Hybrent’s solution is as simple as scanning and then sending orders directly to manufactures. There is no need to make phone calls and sit on hold. “Another element to consider is, for our customers, there’s a clinical person making the phone calls,” McClelland said. “That takes away from time they could be spending on high-value patient care.”
    3. Price comparisons. With Hybrent, all data is stored in one place, and that includes product prices. Materials managers can conduct price comparisons across various vendors without having to jump between multiple sources. This leads to not only a more accurate listing of prices, but also greater efficiency. “We want to make their job easier, and not only that, we want to give clinical staff time back in their day to provide top-notch care for their patients,” said McClelland.

    Are you ready to learn how Hybrent can improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase profitability? Click here to request your customized demonstration.

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