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Preference Cards and Case Costing Lead to Cost Savings for ASCs

    Posted on December 1, 2016

    Cost Savings

    For ambulatory surgery center (ASC) leadership, determining the profitability of a case can be complex, and at times nearly impossible. Physician preference cards are essential in helping leadership gain a full picture of case costing, yet are often overlooked or outdated, says Hybrent CEO Ken Tighe.

    “Preference cards set up ambulatory surgery centers for success. They drive inventory and ordering, making them the first step in determining the complete, accurate cost of a surgical case,” said Tighe. “But the process falls short when preference cards become underutilized and outdated.”

    Hybrent enables clinicians and supply chain leaders to keep preference cards up-to-date quickly with easy editing and copy functions.

    Hybrent’s Case Costing Module aggregates all case data into a portal that provides cost comparisons between CPT codes and surgeons singling out implants and best practice suggestions. ASC leadership has access to utilization reports that allow for real-time value of supplies on hand.

    “The benefits of Hybrent’s case costing module cannot be overstated,” said Tighe. “For the first time, you have an accurate view of your costs and reimbursements. Rather than discovering months down the road that a procedure was unprofitable or should have been done elsewhere, you can correct course. This informational clarity provides the leverage you need to make changes to that allow for the greatest profitability.”

    This is case costing at its best and it’s never before been possible the way it’s possible now through the Hybrent solution.

    Is your ASC ready to transform your supply chain? Request a demo today. And to learn more about how Hybrent can help you operate more efficiently, download our recent white paper, or email us at info@hybrent.com.



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