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Real Time Case Costing Equals Smarter Case Management

    Posted on January 24, 2017

    Increase Profitability

    Understanding the real versus projected costs of each surgical case is no easy feat. Ambulatory surgery center (ASC) administrators and physician practice owners are all too familiar with the complexities of case costing: determining fixed and variable costs such as labor hours, supply cost projections versus actual usage, and fluctuations in revenue cycle and reimbursement. Navigating these obstacles to control costs while delivering superior value to patients, depends on having access to accurate, real-time and dependable information relative to the ASC or practice’s supply chain.

    As administrators and owners know all too well, there is no one consistent and consolidated source for data on pricing and ordering. That is until Hybrent introduced its proprietary Case Costing supply chain management solution. “Hybrent provides one clean portal for all of those interactions to occur,” says Micah McClelland, vice president, Hybrent. “The Hybrent solution is a live tool that delivers the actual cost of a procedure, on a patient by patient basis, in real-time.”

    Hybrent’s innovative health care business technology turns reactivity into proactivity for practice administrators and clinicians. Historical review of supply chain patterns months after procedures have been completed and reimbursements tallied is now a thing of the past. With the Hybrent solution, case costing becomes a profitability exercise conducted daily, allowing for immediate adjustments that keep your practice on budget for each operation.

    “Having real time access to case costing information allows physicians to understand the inputs and outputs of their procedures.” says McClelland. Analysis of supply purchases, utilization rates and staff presence during a procedure is no longer determined by a snapshot of rearview mirror data, but by specific and actionable real-time intelligence.

    Hybrent Case Costing leverages data, allowing administrators to work towards greater profitability, efficiencies and synergies within ASC and physician practices.

    To learn more, view Hybrent’s latest videos: Understanding Case Costing and Leveraging Case Costing. Click here to request a demo of the Hybrent Case Costing Module to see its dynamic impact at work.

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